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China School Trips & Student Tours

Having over 5,000 years of glorious history, the most populous country of China perhaps is the most culturally rich nation over the world. Home to the world’s oldest continuous civilization, China will have you stumbling into history at every turn. China is an amazing country full of history, art and natural beauty, a truly inspirational experience for students of all subject backgrounds.
Educational School Trip is proud of as a reputable tour company developing wonderful student tours to China. Taking educational tours to China, students are provided an invaluable opportunity to develop Chinese language and learn about the diverse Chinese culture. Student tours to China include visiting many well-known destinations, as well as smaller cities and towns giving students chances to explore the mesmerizing China. Educational tours to China take students from modern cities craving global prestige to isolated mountain-top Ming Dynasty villages where time effortlessly slips by. Students also explore Beijing, home to China’s last imperial dynasty before the Chinese Revolution and the Imperial Palace of the Forbidden City.

China School Trips – More than just a field trip

Learning while exploring. Our China School Trips offer students ample opportunity to learn, explore amazing things in every corner of China. Discover little by little from ancient China like Beijing, Xian, and Guilin to modern Shanghai, where students will witness the major tourist stops and get a feeling for the diversity of cultures, rich history and way of life across China. On educational field trips in China, students will be given tasks that require them to think creatively, opens up endless possibilities to understand the world and to interact with local people. Most importantly, students also have a great chance to build closer bonds with their classmates, experience a new environment and enjoy amazing days away from the classroom. All of these things certainly leave once-in-a-lifetime experience and meaningful lessons for your children and students. China School Trips – More than just a field trip

Trust What we do in your China School Trips

Safe, fun, stimulating, and meaningful are these words about China student tours. If you are looking for school tours in China, Educational School Trip is proud of a reputation school travel agent to give students unforgettable trips. With many years’ of experience in designing and handling school group tours in China for students ranging from primary schools to universities.

Unique Features of China Student Tours

Unlike usual vacations, educational trips have to be customized to make sure that students gain benefits from these trips. Our China student tours provide students with the opportunity of not only enjoying the stunning sceneries but also a study experience to discover the deep and unique history and culture of the charming country. By these useful activities suitable for every ages or grade, students also develop a sense of community and enhance their communication skills. Moreover, safety first! We always pay much attention to safety in every aspect, especially in activity arrangements China community services would be arranged upon request. Creative activity ideas to be entertaining and targeting learning goals. On-site nurses and photographers are available on request. Experienced backup team to manage the contingencies during the tour operations. We always challenge ourselves to give students valuable, safe and memorable school tours. Unique Features of China Student Tours