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Myanmar School Trips & Student Tours

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is one of the undiscovered paradises in the world. For many years of a forbidden land, Myanmar is now revealing its charming secrets. Don’t pass up the chance to marvel this extraordinary and complex land where the landscape is scattered with gilded pagodas and the traditional ways of Asia and admire the sunset on Mandalay Hill. Myanmar is a miraculous place for students to learn and experience something new.

Educational School Trip with academic experts provides you unique school trips featuring the indigenous culture that has been separated for ages. School tours in Myanmar enable students to uncover the spiritual life in fabulous ancient pagodas, the peaceful ways of life in floating gardens, undertake a service-learning project to assist a rural community. Students are brought the fun, cultural interactions, interesting visits combining with some significant activities in and engaging and stimulating ways. Educational trips to Myanmar will forever leave inspiring lessons in your minds!

Myanmar School Trips

Myanmar Student Trip – 12 Days