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Myanmar School Trips & Student Tours

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is one of the undiscovered paradises in the world. For many years of a forbidden land, Myanmar is now revealing its charming secrets. Don’t pass up the chance to marvel this extraordinary and complex land where the landscape is scattered with gilded pagodas and the traditional ways of Asia and admire the sunset on Mandalay Hill. Myanmar is a miraculous place for students to learn and experience something new.

Educational School Trip with academic experts provides you unique school trips featuring the indigenous culture that has been separated for ages. School tours in Myanmar enable students to uncover the spiritual life in fabulous ancient pagodas, the peaceful ways of life in floating gardens, undertake a service-learning project to assist a rural community. Students are brought the fun, cultural interactions, interesting visits combining with some significant activities in and engaging and stimulating ways. Educational trips to Myanmar will forever leave inspiring lessons in your minds!

Plan a School Trip to Myanmar – Things you should know

Myanmar has recently attracted more and more tourists with the unique cultures, diverse pristine natural sceneries, glorious temple complex, and friendly, humble Burmese people. A filed trip to Myanmar will provide students a fascinating opportunity to gain insights into the traditional Buddhism, experience the local lifestyles and explore the hidden charms of this land. To have a great learning adventure in Burma for students, there are several things you should take into consideration. Plan Myanmar School Trip

Suitable Time for Myanmar Student Tour

The perfect time for a field trip to Myanmar can be defined by the two main factors: the weather conditions and the destination. To begin with, Myanmar is known as the country with the clear distinctions among seasons. From October to April, as the weather is lovely and the landscapes are showing off their most charm, Myanmar welcomes such a great number of tourists. Between May and September, however, typhoons approaching the coastline, together with high rainfall under increasingly intense influence of the south-western monsoon and the heat inland makes it uncomfortable to travel. Thus, this time is recorded as the low season of visiting Myanmar. Having a school trip to Myanmar at the right time, the students are offered a more exciting experience. For instance, it is more likely to admire the fascinating sunrise view over Bagan at the high time of traveling while in the low season, it is impossible to approach the Ngapali Beach since the flights are canceled because of powerful storms. Suitable time to visit Myanmar Student tour

Places to Visit in Myanmar Field Trip

On the student tour to Myanmar endowed with the diverse natural beauty and distinctive religious atmosphere, you should no doubt have these 4 majors destinations on the itinerary. Yangon: Beyond the start and finish point of Myanmar learning adventure, the city is also the former capital and remains an important religious center of the whole country. Places to Visit in Myanmar Field Trip Bagan: Set your foot in the ancient city to marvel at the famous pagoda complex and have an exciting experience with the air-balloon flight. Catch a breathtaking sight of sunrise from the mystical temples and bring home amazing pictures. Mandalay: It is a wonderful destination to gain insights into the history of the ancient kingdom. Students are also offered an ample opportunity to dive in a peaceful atmosphere and explore the values of Buddhism. Inle Lake: Nestled by the green mountain ranges, the vast picturesque lake is like a mirror reflecting the crystal sky. Pay a visit to the famous floating villages and gardens to experience the unique lifestyles of friendly locals.

Transportation in Myanmar Learning Adventure

As Myanmar is the largest country in Southeast Asia, commuting among the destinations throughout the country should be carefully planned. With various infrastructures of airports, highways, and railways, people are offered different choices of transportation to get around Myanmar. Take airway into consideration, it might not the most budget-friendly but the wisest way to spend time. Myanmar airline companies have within-an-hour flights connecting major destinations, so you can save time on commuting to experience more. The coaches, on the other hand, would bring on special experience, yet can be very time-consuming. To choose suitable transport means for the school trip to Myanmar, you should also consider the personal interests and physical condition so as not to be tired or waste too much time traveling. Transportation in Myanmar School Trip

General Precautions for Student Expedition in Myanmar

For many tourists visiting Myanmar, the country is generally considered safe to explore. Low level of crime, little violence in the tourist attractions, and friendly, helpful locals make this country a lovely destination for a school trip. Yet, for a better experience in Myanmar, remember to practice common sense and caution. Be cautious of pick-pocketing on the streets. Do not bring a large amount of cash or too much jewelry. Leave the valuable things in the hotel safes. Bear in mind to not stay out in the streets too late at night or walk into remote areas. Always tell someone where you are going.