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The world this full of interesting things to discover and no countries are alike. You are always astounded by differences ranging from languages, cultures, customs, history, civilizations, lifestyle, people, and natural beauties that provoke us to pack our luggage and go to find out. Every single country in this world is a magical place for everyone to experience and learn, especially for students who are super eager to set their foot in appealing destinations. School tours have become an important part of the extra curriculum of each school. Educational School Trip is a reputable travel agency with educational experts building up the best school trips for international students traveling to discover every corner around the world. Taking school trips abroad, students have incredible opportunities to equip themselves with valuable knowledge and strengthen personal skills. Besides obtaining educational knowledge through traveling, students also have chances to meet new friends, exchange culture with local people, and explore their fascinating ways of life. School trips are amazing occasions for students to actively participate in various interactive activities and sightseeing field trips, company visits, and do some community helps. Definitely, our customized educational tours will broaden students’ minds and their points of view towards the world outside!

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Positively build up knowledge and skills of students through life-changing encounters. Our tours offer community service, integrate traveling and hands-on learning experience with an immersive cross-cultural curriculum, and make sure students learn the whole time they’re traveling.

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No matter which part of Asia you’re traveling to, we’re there in person to help if problems arise. You can rely on the well-trained tour guides who will stay close to your groups, carefully observe students and update you with timely information and locations of emergency facilities according to the itinerary.

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We’ve run school tours exclusively to many countries in Asia. Our company has long-term cooperation with the leading educational communities China, Cambodia,  Singapore, Japan, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam to unlocks authentic experiences.

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Amazing Experience with Dedicated Guide

"Hi Nancy,
We arrived safely in HCMC, and our trip is almost through. I got your package once we arrived here–thanks so much for sending the shirt and especially the artwork. I have not looked at it yet–I will keep it packed until I get back to the states. I appreciate your friendship and kindness, and I know that the cadets appreciated your help throughout our trip. Thanks for being a great friend–the same goes for everyone at Educational School Trip."

Jeff Gibbons/ United States Military Academy at West Point

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"My three colleagues and I took our KS3 students to Vietnam for 9 days from Manila, the Philippines in June. Nancy was extremely helpful and went above and beyond when we had a couple of problems at check-in. She was available all the way up to the trip via email and helped us with any queries we had. We strongly recommend Educational School Tours for a school group; the students had a fantastic time and we felt well-looked after by our knowledgeable tour guide. Everything was well-planned and safe. An excellent educational school tour company."

Ms. Michelle/ King’s School Manila

Awsome Experience Ever for My Students!

"Excellent service from Tracey who worked with us to set up the tour, check on us during the trip and follow up afterward to see if our students were happy. Our guides in Cambodia and Vietnam were superb as they always show their passion and humor for our children. We especially enjoyed the trip to the Angkor complex where our guide taught us so much interesting knowledge about it. We were also excited to explore the Cai Be Floating Market in Mekong Delta and a trip to the traditional village along the river. It was so much fun and we had a chance to witness the hustle and bustle trading and engage with the friendly locals."

Mike Phillips

Ultimate Guide to Educational School Trips in Asia

What is a Field Trip?

A field trip in education is a carefully planned excursion that removes students from the confines of the classroom, immersing them in real-world environments to facilitate hands-on learning experiences. These excursions serve to complement traditional classroom studies, fostering the practical application of knowledge and a more profound understanding of academic subjects.

Essentially, a field trip is a dynamic and immersive educational adventure that broadens students' perspectives, nurtures curiosity, and significantly enriches their overall academic experience.

Educational field trip activities

Student trips, whether local or international, offer a myriad of benefits that extend far beyond the classroom. These educational school trips provide students with unique opportunities to broaden their horizons, foster personal growth, and enhance their overall academic experience.

1. Experiential Learning

Student trips bring subjects to life, offering hands-on experiences that deepen understanding and allow for the practical application of classroom knowledge.

2. Cultural Exposure

Immersing students in different cultures promotes global awareness, tolerance, and appreciation for diversity, contributing to the development of well-rounded individuals.

3. Personal Development

Navigating new environments and challenges during a trip encourages students to develop essential life skills such as problem-solving, adaptability, and effective communication.

4. Team Building

Group travel fosters teamwork and collaboration among students, strengthening interpersonal relationships and building a sense of community within the educational setting.

5. Memorable Learning

The unique and memorable experiences gained during student trips often result in a lasting impact, solidifying key concepts and making learning more meaningful.

6. Enhanced Social Skills

Interacting with peers and locals in different settings hones social skills, boosting students' confidence and ability to connect with diverse individuals.

7. Cognitive Development

Exposure to new environments stimulates intellectual curiosity, encouraging critical thinking and expanding students' cognitive capacities.

8. Future Opportunities

Student trips can open doors to future opportunities, including potential career paths, personal interests, and a broader perspective on the world.

Educational school trip to Bali, Indonesia
Team Building with Educational school trips
Enchanted Social Skills with Educational school trips

Embarking on an educational exploration of Asia's geography and environment unveils a captivating tapestry of diverse ecosystems, climate patterns, and cultural influences. Each country is a unique chapter, contributing to a holistic understanding of the forces that shape our world. This field trip provides students with experiential learning, connecting theoretical knowledge with real-world experiences and sparking a profound appreciation for geography, culture, and the environment.

Breathtaking Landscapes

Traverse the varied landscapes, from the towering peaks of the Himalayas to the expansive plains of the Ganges Delta. Understand how geographical features impact climate, agriculture, and human settlement.

Ecosystem Diversity

Delve into the rich biodiversity of Asia's ecosystems. Explore the tropical rainforests of Indonesia, the arid landscapes of Mongolia, and the complex river systems such as the Mekong and Yangtze.

Climate Zones

Grasp the intricacies of Asia's climate zones, from the frozen tundra in Siberia to the humid tropics of Southeast Asia. Witness monsoons, typhoons, and the seasonal changes that influence daily life.

Cultural Influences

Uncover the profound impact of geography on culture and traditions. Visit ancient sites, bustling markets, and rural communities to see how people adapt to and are shaped by their natural surroundings.

Environmental Challenges

Confront the environmental challenges faced by Asian countries, from deforestation to pollution. Explore sustainable practices and conservation efforts, gaining insights into the delicate balance between progress and environmental stewardship.

Natural Phenomena

Study the occurrence of natural phenomena such as earthquakes and volcanic activity, understanding the geological forces that have both shaped and, at times, challenged civilizations.

Rivers and Waterways

Follow the course of mighty rivers like the Ganges, Yangtze, and Mekong. Examine how these waterways have been essential for trade, agriculture, and cultural development throughout history.

An educational odyssey through a carefully curated list of destinations in Asia, where history, culture, and nature converge to create enriching learning experiences. Our educational school trips provide students with a passport to knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of the world and its diverse complexities.

1. Vietnam

Historical Tapestry: Explore Vietnam's ancient history, from the Imperial City of Hue to the Cu Chi Tunnels. Witness the impact of the Vietnam War and understand the country's resilience and cultural heritage.

2. Cambodia

Angkor Archaeological Park: Step back in time amidst the ancient temples of Angkor Wat and Bayon. Uncover the historical significance of this UNESCO World Heritage site and its role in shaping Cambodian culture.

3. Laos

Luang Prabang: Immerse in the serene landscapes of Luang Prabang, a UNESCO-listed town along the Mekong River. Explore Buddhist temples and understand the cultural influences that have shaped Laos.

4. Myanmar

Bagan's Temples: Marvel at the thousands of temples that dot the landscape of Bagan. Uncover the spiritual and historical dimensions of this archaeological wonder, providing insights into Myanmar's past.

5. Thailand

Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya: Discover the cultural richness of Chiang Mai and the historical significance of Ayutthaya. From ancient temples to vibrant markets, students witness the intersection of tradition and modernity.

6. Indonesia

Bali's Cultural Landscape: Delve into the unique blend of Hindu culture and tropical beauty in Bali. Explore rice terraces, temples, and coral reefs, understanding the environmental and cultural dynamics.

7. Japan

Tokyo and Kyoto: Experience the contrast between the modernity of Tokyo and the traditional charm of Kyoto. Visit technological hubs, historical sites, and witness Japan's innovation and cultural heritage.

8. Singapore

Gardens by the Bay and Science Center: Explore sustainable urban development at Gardens by the Bay. Visit the Science Center for interactive learning, showcasing Singapore's commitment to education and environmental stewardship.

9. China

The Great Wall and Terracotta Army: Walk along the iconic Great Wall, symbolizing China's historical grandeur. Explore the Terracotta Army, offering a glimpse into the country's ancient civilization and artistic achievements.

Lombok,Indonesia - Educational School Trips
Sumatra tropical rainforests of Indonesia
The frozen tundra in Siberia
Environmental Challenges in Asia
Ganges River
Ayutthaya Thailand
The traditional charm of Kyoto


  • The Forbidden City: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it served as the imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty.
  • The Great Wall of China: Explore this iconic structure and learn about its historical significance.


  • Kyoto Imperial Palace: Delve into Japan's imperial history by visiting the Kyoto Imperial Palace and its beautiful gardens.
  • Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion): A Zen Buddhist temple covered in gold leaf, offering insight into Japanese architecture and culture.


  • Wat Pho: Visit the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and explore the Thai traditional medicine and massage school on the premises.
  • Jim Thompson House: Learn about Thai silk and traditional architecture in this museum.

South Korea

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace: Learn about Korea's royal history and culture at this grand palace.
  • National Museum of Korea: Offers a comprehensive collection of artifacts reflecting Korea's history and cultural heritage.


  • Singapore Science Centre: An interactive science museum suitable for all ages.
  • Gardens by the Bay: Learn about environmental sustainability and the diverse ecosystems within these futuristic gardens.


  • Hoa Lo Prison Museum: Gain insights into Vietnam's history, particularly the Vietnam War.
  • Temple of Literature: Vietnam's first national university, dedicated to Confucius and scholars.
The Great Wall and Terracotta Army
Temple of Literature in Vietnam
Kyoto Imperial Palace - Japan

Explore the vibrant diversity of Asia through a curated educational field trip that fosters cross-cultural understanding and enriches academic perspectives.


Local Traditions: Immerse in Vietnamese traditions through hands-on experiences. From traditional water puppetry to participating in local markets, students witness the daily life and cultural richness of Vietnam.


Community Engagement: Engage with local communities and gain insights into Cambodian daily life. Participate in traditional dance workshops and understand the significance of Khmer culture.


Almsgiving Ceremony: Experience the spiritual side of Laos by participating in the almsgiving ceremony in Luang Prabang. Understand the role of Buddhism in shaping Laotian culture.


Cultural Preservation: Explore Myanmar's commitment to cultural preservation at the Mandalay Marionettes Theater. Witness traditional performances that showcase the country's artistic heritage.


Thai Culinary Arts: Dive into the flavors of Thai cuisine through cooking classes and local market visits. Understand the cultural significance of food and its role in Thai traditions.


Balinese Arts and Crafts: Uncover the artistic heritage of Bali through workshops in traditional dance, music, and crafts. Witness performances that reflect the island's unique cultural expressions.


Tea Ceremony and Ikebana: Experience the precision and elegance of Japanese traditions through a tea ceremony and ikebana (flower arranging) sessions. Gain insights into the cultural nuances of Japan.


Multicultural Melting Pot: Explore the diverse neighborhoods of Singapore, each reflecting a unique cultural influence. Visit Chinatown, Little India, and Kampong Glam to witness the city-state's multicultural fabric.


Calligraphy and Kung Fu: Delve into Chinese arts with calligraphy sessions and experience the discipline of Kung Fu. Understand the cultural philosophy embedded in these traditional practices.

Almsgiving Ceremony, Laos - Educational school trip
Tea Ceremony and Ikebana,Japan -School trips
Indonesian Souvenirs and Arts and Crafts -School trip

Immerse students in an unparalleled educational experience through our carefully crafted educational school trips in Asia. Our programs, featuring hands-on experiences, interactive workshops, and immersive learning, aim to cultivate critical thinking, enhance cultural awareness, and ignite a lasting passion for learning.


Cu Chi Tunnels Exploration: Step into history by exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels, gaining insights into guerrilla warfare tactics during the Vietnam War. Engage in discussions about the historical and strategic significance of this underground network.


Angkor Wat Archaeological Studies: Transform into archaeologists as students delve into the architectural wonders of Angkor Wat. Analyze the intricate carvings, decipher the historical narratives, and understand the engineering brilliance of this ancient site.


Mekong River Ecology Study: Embark on a river excursion to study the ecology of the Mekong River. Participate in discussions about the importance of this waterway for local communities, biodiversity, and sustainable practices.


Bagan Temples Architectural Workshop: Unleash creativity through an architectural workshop amidst the ancient temples of Bagan. Understand the structural nuances, historical context, and preservation challenges of this UNESCO World Heritage site.


Thai Language and Cultural Exchange: Engage in a cultural exchange by learning basic Thai language skills. Participate in local conversations, enhancing communication and cultural understanding.


Coral Reef Conservation Seminar: Dive into marine biology with a seminar on coral reef conservation in Indonesia. Explore the underwater world through virtual reality experiences, understanding the importance of preserving marine ecosystems.


Origami and Technology Workshop: Combine tradition and technology in a workshop that explores both the ancient art of origami and modern innovations. Understand how Japan seamlessly integrates its rich cultural heritage with cutting-edge technology.

8. Singapore

Sustainable Urban Development Simulation: Engage in a simulation that explores sustainable urban development in Singapore. Analyze city planning, green initiatives, and the balance between modernization and environmental conservation.

9. China

Great Wall Engineering Challenge: Put on the hat of engineers with a hands-on challenge related to the Great Wall. Explore the architectural aspects, strategic considerations, and teamwork involved in constructing this iconic landmark.

Cu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam - Educational field trip
Great Wall in China -Educational school trips
Educational activities in Myanmar
Educational activities in Japan

Our educational school trips serve as a unique gateway to language learning and cultural immersion in Asia. Students are prompted to explore the intricate linguistic tapestry woven into the fabric of each nation, fostering language skills while gaining a deeper understanding of the diverse cultures they encounter.

1. Vietnam

Vietnamese Language Classes: Engage in Vietnamese language classes where students learn basic phrases, enhancing their ability to connect with locals and understand the linguistic nuances of this tonal language.

2. Cambodia

Khmer Script Workshops: Immerse in the elegance of the Khmer script through workshops. Decode ancient inscriptions, gaining insights into Cambodia's linguistic and cultural heritage.

3. Laos

Laotian Conversational Exchanges: Participate in conversational exchanges with locals in Laos. Engage in discussions about daily life, traditions, and cultural expressions, enhancing language proficiency through practical experiences.

4. Myanmar

Burmese Language Immersion: Delve into the melodious sounds of Burmese through immersive language sessions. Learn greetings, expressions, and script, enabling students to communicate effectively during their journey.

5. Thailand

Thai Language Challenges: Take on language challenges that involve practical applications of Thai. From navigating markets to ordering local delicacies, students apply their language skills in real-life scenarios.

6. Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia Cultural Encounters: Engage in cultural encounters facilitated by Bahasa Indonesia lessons. Explore the linguistic diversity of the archipelago and its role in shaping Indonesia's cultural mosaic.

7. Japan

Japanese Calligraphy and Language Fusion: Merge linguistic and artistic expressions through Japanese calligraphy workshops. Understand the beauty of written Japanese characters while mastering essential phrases.

8. Singapore

Multilingual Street Signs Exploration: Navigate the linguistic diversity of Singapore through an exploration of multilingual street signs. Decode the blend of English, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil that reflects the nation's multicultural identity.

9. China

Mandarin Language Exchange: Engage in Mandarin language exchanges with local students. Foster cross-cultural friendships while practicing language skills in authentic settings, from bustling markets to historical sites.

Educational school trip to Japan
School trip to Vietnam
Thai Language Challenges

Embarking on educational school trips to diverse destinations requires meticulous planning and a focus on safety. The well-being of students is paramount, and the following safety guide provides comprehensive measures to ensure secure and enriching experiences:

1. Pre-Departure Communication

Talk to Students:

  • Emphasize the importance of staying close to the group and following instructions.
  • Remind students to stay alert with strangers and not accept gifts.
  • Educate them on the rules and address any objections to ensure clear understanding.

Send Special Before-hand Instructions:

  • Anticipate unexpected situations and communicate ultimate solutions to students.
  • Provide information on meeting points after activities, ensuring students are aware of the destination's map or directions.

2. Essential Supplies

  • Prepare a list of vital items, including:
  • Permission slips.
  • Extra money for unforeseen expenses.
  • Sunscreen and necessary medications.
  • Emergency first-aid kit with antiseptic cream, bandages, and other essentials.

3. Uniforms and Visibility

  • Discuss and decide on brightly-colored clothes or school uniforms for easy identification.
  • Avoid dark colors; opt for matching shirts with long sleeves to protect against sunburn and insects.
  • Check the weather forecast and advise students on appropriate attire.

4. Supervision and Grouping

  • Assign supervisors or chaperones to each group and emphasize the importance of close supervision.
  • Separate challenging students into different groups to prevent potential issues.
  • Ensure accurate tracking of student numbers to quickly identify any missing individuals.

5. Student Self-Control in Groups

  • Divide large classes into smaller groups and appoint group leaders.
  • Group monitors will assist in managing group members and promptly inform teachers of any issues.
  • Encourage a sense of responsibility within each group for enhanced safety and efficiency.

6. Safe Transportation

  • Prioritize safe modes of transportation.
  • Ensure vehicles are suitable for the number of students and within the field trip budget.
  • Select responsible and experienced drivers for safe and secure transportation.

7. Cultural Sensitivity Reminders

  • Reinforce cultural sensitivity and awareness among students.
  • Emphasize respectful behavior and adherence to local customs.
  • Educate students on the cultural norms of each destination to avoid unintentional cultural misunderstandings.
Safety guide for Educational field trip

 Destinations are chosen based on their educational value, cultural richness, and safety considerations. The aim is to provide students with a well-rounded learning experience that complements their academic curriculum.

Our trips include a diverse range of educational activities, such as guided tours to historical sites, cultural workshops, language learning experiences, and interactions with local communities. These activities aim to enhance students' knowledge and cultural understanding.

Safety is our top priority. We adhere to strict safety guidelines, including thorough pre-trip briefings, supervision by experienced staff, and contingency plans for emergencies. All transportation and accommodation arrangements prioritize safety standards.

A detailed packing list is provided before the trip, including essentials such as comfortable clothing, appropriate footwear, necessary medications, sunscreen, and any specific items relevant to the destination. Students are encouraged to pack light and efficiently.

Accommodations are carefully chosen for their safety, comfort, and proximity to educational sites. We prioritize clean and secure lodgings that enhance the overall experience. Students may stay in hotels, hostels, or other suitable accommodations, depending on the destination.

Dietary restrictions and allergies are taken into consideration when planning meals. We work closely with local establishments to ensure that students with specific dietary needs are accommodated. It's essential to inform trip organizers of any dietary restrictions in advance.

Cultural sensitivity is a key aspect of our educational trips. Pre-trip briefings include information on local customs, etiquette, and cultural norms. Students are encouraged to embrace and respect cultural differences, fostering a positive and inclusive experience.

A comprehensive first-aid kit is carried during the trip, and our tour guide is trained to handle medical emergencies. Local contacts and medical facilities are identified in advance, and emergency response plans are in place to address any unforeseen medical situations.

Regular updates, including photos and brief summaries, are shared with parents through a designated communication channel. In case of any urgent communication needs, a designated contact person and emergency helpline are provided.

In most cases, parents or guardians are welcome to join educational trips. However, this depends on the trip's logistics, budget, and the capacity of accommodations and transportation. Interested parents are encouraged to inquire in advance.


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