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Established in 2007, Educational School Trip (EST) is one of the leading travel agencies having great experiences in designing educational tour packages for students and teachers taking their vacation in  Asia countries. Delivering true values to our clients and understanding their expectations are always in our main focus to perfect their travel in these Asia countries.
Be aware of the importance and helpfulness of educational tours, we initiate Educational School Trip – a student travel agency to deliver to students our best field trips that open the book of the world and bring their classrooms into the real life. Educational School Trip is a reliable school tour company that ensures to offer students useful and lifetime memorable school tours. Our productive experts with their profound knowledge are willing to give you the best advice and consult 1:1 with you to customize your immensely own unique school trip that satisfies teachers as well as fulfill students’ curiosity.

Our Story

Educational School Trip was founded by a group of young travelers and educational specialists, who are also an avid and passionate travelers. They deeply understand how to best showcase all that both countries offer while considering the unique needs of students and teachers. Indeed, they were traveling across a wide rannge of countries and they noticed:

  • School trip is a fantastic way for students learn outside the class and textboook because of hands-on experience and practical activites
  • Overseas travel experiences are considered a way to enhance language skills, develop cultural knowledge and understanding, and instil a sense of global perspective.
  • The finest experience that one can have is the one that let them individuality shine through.

That was why Educational School Trip was founded.

Our Mission

Mission of educational school tour

To be Your Reliable Online School Tour Operator

Educational School Trips offers students and teachers  with all they need including travel services, student tour packages and more, with the professional team working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can completely rely on us to be your best school tour operator.

To Delight our Customers with Authentic Student Tour

We have been gone through 18 years working in the school tours and our mission remains the same as we were when the company was established in 2006: to provide high-quality vacation and the most affordable price while offering each customer with personalized service.

We Are with You Every Step of The Journey!

We will pay careful attention to every detail of your itinerary before you book to ensure you get the most appropriate tour itinerary. Whenever you go, we look after the smallest of details to ensure you end up your school tour with the authentic experience that you will remember forever. All for free for your laid-back travel. Whenever you need, we are here for you.

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What Educational School Trip Can Do For You

We Are Passionate About Travel

Travel is our passion, we love each of our small island, we love our destination, our people and we want to show our beautiful country to the world

Educational School Tour passionate about travel
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We exceed your expectations

Customer experience is the most important part of everything that we do. Every decision made is based on getting that experience right, sure that it is as perfect as can possibly be.

We Dare to Innovate, Aim to Be Unique

At Educational School Trip, we value innovation & creativity in all areas we work. Aim to find unique ways to explore new things, dare to show the different, exciting, quirky attributes we love & make our world special.

School tour packages are to Innovate aim to Be Unique



We Strive to Travel Responsibly

We work closely with local partners to ensure that everyone who serves us earns a fair wage. We carefully research the experiences in each destination we provide to our guests to ensure the wildlife, ecosystems, historic sites, and most importantly the people we encounter are not being harmed by our activities.

We are with You Every Step of the Journey!

We will pay careful attention to every detail of your itinerary before you book to ensure you get the most appropriate tour itinerary. Whenever you go, we look after the smallest of details to ensure you end up your Indonesia tour with the authentic experience that you will remember forever. Our guide, tour leader and tour operator always turn on their cell phone 24 hours/day in case you need their assistance. All for free for your laid-back travel.

Sustainable Tourism & Meaningful Travel 


Cultural responsibility from school tour

At Educational School Trips, we take our ethical and social responsibilities very seriously. We believe that school tours should do more good than harm that is why we are committed to following ethical practices. Not only do we treat the cultures we travel to with humility and reverence, but we also strive to create a 2-way dialogue, which is enriching for both visitors and locals. Through sustainable tourism practices, communities can focus anew on their traditions, celebrations, stories and traditional arts, and can devote more resources to maintaining their cultures, heritages and even languages. Our customers have ample opportunity to admire the world and contribute to it in a way that is more responsible and, ultimately, more rewarding.


Responsible travel with educational school trip

When it comes to environmental responsibility, we always seek to steer our guests toward culturally authentic experiences that protect and preserve the ecological environment they interact with. Our goal is to have minimal impact on the areas we visit. To ensure we attain this, we only work with trusted suppliers, guides and lodges who share our eco-minded beliefs.

Why Choose Educational School Trip

Educational School Trip understands that taking educational trips and student tours are incredible chances to give student life changes and need careful preparation. Unlike usual vacation packages, student study tours have to be carried out seamlessly to make sure that students benefit from these trips. With over a decade working in the tourism industry, Educational School Trip is one of the leading school travel companies specializing in tailor-made educational tours and field trips for worldwide students. We always challenge ourselves to bring to students safe, valuable and unforgettable educational tours with the best study tour price.

Precious Moments of Our Happy Students

students feel happy in school trips
Cooking Classes at Doi Saket - Thailand school trips
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Students get hand-on experience from school tour
bicycle tour from school tour package
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We have done all the hard work so you can access the best destination has to offer. Thus, do not just take the road, determine your own memorable school tour with Educational School Trip!

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