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Established in 2007, Educational School Trip( EST) is one of the leading travel agencies having great experiences in designing educational tour packages for students and teachers taking their vacation in  Asia countries. Delivering true values to our clients and understanding their expectations are always in our main focus to perfect their travel in these Asia countries.
Be aware of the importance and helpfulness of educational tours, we initiate Educational School Trip – a student travel agency to deliver to students our best field trips that open the book of the world and bring their classrooms into the real life. Educational School Trip is a reliable school tour company that ensures to offer students useful and lifetime memorable school tours. Our productive experts with their profound knowledge are willing to give you the best advice and consult 1:1 with you to customize your immensely own unique school trip that satisfy teachers as well as fulfill students’ curiosity.


Safe School TripsSafety School Trips

Being a leading school travel organizer, Educational School Trip considers health and safety are our top priorities and paramount concerns. We have a full and comprehensive Safety Management System ensuring strict safety standards. Be aware of parents are anxious when students are away from home, we always make sure that your children will always be paid careful attention and we are always available for help. Our 24/7 support staffs are available to keep you updated. Rest assured your child is safe with us!

Valuable Knowledge

Our educational tours definitely will first provide curricula-linked lessons to students who are able to obtain a wide range of knowledge from different fields thanks to our great number of subjects. Educational programs are stimulatingly organized to gain attention from students and let them get actively involved in hands-on activities. Students for sure will get precious knowledge gained through travel. Cultural programs and interactive learning experiences would extremely benefit students.

Local Immersion

Taking educational trips aboard, students have incredible chances to get a deep understanding of the indigenous cultural aspects. Learn languages, uncover history, admire traditional arts, explore intriguing lifestyles are amazing things included in our school tours for students. Those exciting yet challenging opportunities not only enrich the students’ life but also provide an authentic life experience of a country’s culture and local customs in a practical environment.
Educational School Trip enables students to have immersive experiences with locals including local restaurants, local tour guides and experts, local family and school visits, local company and factory visits, and local farming activities. We hope all of the in-depth cultural activities and interactive programs are life-changing for both our students and the local people they meet.happy students of Educational School Trip

Price Promise

We are proud of ourselves as one of the leading educational travel companies offering a comprehensive range of school trips at excellent value for money. With 12 years of expertise in conducting unique travel experiences, we are confident that our prices are the best around. If your budget does not stretch to the school trip price shown we would be happy to discuss amending the itinerary in various ways to make it more affordable. Taking a school tour with Educational School Trip, you will benefit from financial and consumer protection and the assurance that you will be looked after every step of the way.
From the moment your booking is confirmed, we will give you our 100% guarantee and there will be no price increases or additional fees to be paid.

Responsible Student TravelResponsible travel student tour

Responsible travel is about the choices you make and the attitude you take when traveling – respecting people and their customs, looking up to their cultures and local habitat. In our school trips, cross-cultural understanding is encouraged through real-life experiences offered to students. Hiring local tour guides and recommending local eateries are employed in our school tours to help to support the life of locals. We partner with a wide range of suppliers to make sure the equal distribution of wealth to local people. Environmental friendly stuff is utilized to protect the local habitat and minimize waste to the natural surroundings.

As a Leading School Tour Operator in Asia – We Proudly Show You Our Development & Vision

In 2006, we have been full-fledged and able to expand our tourism market into entire Asia; hence, Educational School Trip has created offering school tours to all countries in Asia for a large group of students and teachers.

Educational School Trip

So, What We’ve Already Achieved

In 2007, with the aim of offering shore trips & tours to Cruise Passengers from all around the world, the website Shore Excursions Asia was created.


In 2008, Indochina Tours was given birth to serve clients who specificly wanted to visit Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia in 1 trip.

Indochina Tours

In 2009, we expanded our market into Myanmar; thus, Go Myanmar Tours was established.

Go Myanmar Tours

In 2012, when tourism in Vietnam – Laos – Cambodia have been magnificently developed – Go Vietnam Tours, Go Laos Tours & Go Cambodia Tours was launched to meet the demands of travelers visiting to such the three jewels of Indochina.


In 2013, we decided to create Sri Lanka & China Local Tours since we noticed that Sri Lanka & China would be the treasure of tourism industry as well as the 2 well-worth visiting countries with unique culture & tradition and gorgeous landscapes.


In 2015, our company witnessed one of the biggest turning point as we successfully established the potential market – Multi-country Asia Tours was created offering tours to all countries in Asia.


In 2016, Go Bhutan Tours & Go Nepal Tours was launched giving travelers an opportunity to cheerfully discover the two mysterious and marvelous nations.


What Educational School Trip Can Do for You

We understand what you really need in your cruise vacations, from spending time to relax or reconnect with family and friends to explore completely new places. We change every day to find our best version beyond customers’ expectations. Our only goal in mind: Provide the best experiences!

We Work For You

At Educational School Trip, we work to bring you wonderful school tour vacations, all totally tailored and bespoke. We have the expertise to help you realize your dreams and turn it into reality, exceeding your expectations. We do this by being extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to each client. With over a decade of working in the tourism industry, we will work with you every step of the way until we achieve the perfect result: a personalized, life-changing holiday that becomes one of your favorite holiday memories.

What Educational School Trip can do for you
Free Inquiry with Educational School Trip

Free Inquiry

As soon as you make an inquiry to Educational School Trip with your ideal trip, you will be put in contact with a specialist who has been exploring the area deeply. Your specialist will first talk with you on the phone, live chat or exchange via emails to better understand your interest and specific requirement. They will then quote a tailor-made itinerary proposal that can be refined until you are satisfied and ready to book.

Safety Commitment

Whenever you travel with Educational School Trip, you are in safe hands! As a leading school tour operator in Asia, we always ensure the safety of any tour group from small to big. Our specialist will be dedicated to handling your vacation throughout the process and take care of your trip with the little details to ensure you have a hassle-free journey to Asia. In case there are some unexpected things happen after you make your payment with us, don’t worry about that because a money-back guarantee for customers is provided.

Educational School Tour offers best value for students

Easy Booking – Great Value – No Hidden Cost

When you are satisfied with the itinerary, book with your specialist and pay the deposit. The payment process will be carried carefully with your specialist right after your booking. Keep in mind that the sooner you book, the better promotion you will receive! Our specialist will then assist you every step of the way until you finish your school trip with the most satisfaction. Throughout your journey, your specialist will continue to support you 24/7. Also, you can contact us over the phone on a specific number at any time. With Educational School Trip, you are worry-free!

Happy customer of Eduactional School Trip

Christa Miller on Tripadvisor.com

“Everything is perfect from well-designed travel itineraries, comfortable transportation, and accommodation, especially a very friendly and funny tour guide. Our students not only gain interesting knowledge but they also have a fun time together. We would recommend Educational School Trip to other schools and definitely contact you for future visits…”

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Why choose Educational School Trip

Educational School Trip understands that taking educational trips and student tours are incredible chances to give student life changes and need careful preparation. Unlike usual vacation packages, student study tours have to be carried out seamlessly to make sure that students benefit from these trips. With over a decade working in the tourism industry, Educational School Trip is one of the leading school travel companies specializing in tailor-made educational tours and field trips for worldwide students. We always challenge ourselves to bring to students safe, valuable and unforgettable educational tours with the best study tour price.