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Singapore School Trips & Student Tours

A truly modern metropolis, the city-state of Singapore represents unique features, which is an ideal destination for any trip to South East Asia. This fascinating island nation has acquired a reputation for a global hub for education, tourism, trade, entertainment, and technology, therefore, it has been attracting the attention of students all over the world. Travel to Singapore, students will be immersed themselves in the irresistible mix of Chinese and Malaysian food,  rich history and unique architecture and modern language.  More interestingly, we take students from reputable destinations such as Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore Art Museum to a myriad of stunning modern sightseeing including Sentosa Island, Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, the old streets, many works of arts like Merlion, Marian Bay Sands, the Esplanade Opera House and much more.

Educational School Trip is proud of a leading company with educational travel experts. We specialize in tailor-made school tours for students to serve all your student’s learning objectives simply because there is no better way to foster knowledge and learn different subjects through travel. Most importantly, we collect a wide range of activities to encourage imagination, creativity, interactions, teamwork and language development. The awesome school trip definitely greatly contributes to build meaningful connections and place it into a wider global context. Leave behind a hectic schedule with a full of exercise and assignment and enjoy the Singapore school tours with us to discover the heart and the soul of Singapore.

The Best Time to Visit Singapore

Singapore welcomes visitors to explore amazing things of the country all year-round due to the favorable weather conditions. Promising worthy events and holidays are scattered throughout the year here, thus there should not have had any worry to travel to Singapore on particular seasons. Although there will be wetter in the winter months, you still can stick to your initial plans so that you can taste the difference between the wet season and the slightly drier summer season. To gain the best experience of sightseeing, you may want to consult our recommendations. January to March: activities from ethnic celebrations to weekend music festivals. Weather now seems to support you to enjoy the festive spirit. April to July: The temperature often reaches its peak at this time of year, but do not let it affect your schedules to hit the streets for shopping, traditional and cultural festivals. August to October: This part of the year is featured with cooler weather by occasional sprinkles, so bring an umbrella with you when you’re out and about. Live performances and a spectacular firework display are waiting for you. November to December: You may see some rain clouds on the horizon; however, dreariness can be spelled away by a variety of lightening celebrations. Best Time to Visit Singapore

Singapore Travel Seasons

High Season (November to early January, June, and July): People mostly choose to travel in those months, particularly in June and July because of the Great Singapore Sale. This period is associated with a lot of holidays and festivals from native to exotic ones that you never want to miss. Medium Season (mid-January through May): Mid-January through May often falls between the high and low “peaks”. April, in particular, is a good time to be in Singapore because of the lack public holidays and monsoons. Low Season (August through October, except mid-September): The time during late summer and early fall often is a slight break in the tourism, except for mid-September (the Singapore Grand Prix). Temperatures are also slightly high but this is probably your best time to negotiate a price that’s a bit more favorable.

Ideas for Singapore School Trip

Singapore is not only an enchanting destination with many tourist attractions but also a dynamic country constantly developing with the people enthusiastically creating the new potentials. As a fascinating place for experiencing, adventuring, and exploring, the land of the Merlin offers students countless learning opportunities. Here are some ideas for a wonderful Singapore school trip. Singapore School Trip for students

Immerse in the SuperTree Grove Light Show

Amazing, fascinating and stimulating are the word for the light performance! Have a moment feeling like you have stepped into the fairyland. Every night, the futuristic-looking trees in the Bay Garden lit up illuminates the whole area. Music is also an important “spice” contributing to the spectacle of the show. Each detail harmonizing perfectly create an impressive-feeling and the memorable night on your student travel in Singapore. As they keep changing the program, the show attracts tourists coming again and again. No matter which changes are, excellence is no doubt always the same. Super Tree Grove Light Show in Singapore

In-depth Exploration to the Graden by the Bay

There is nowhere else on Earth that you can find a tropical highland rainforest right inside the city sitting at the sea level. Known as the most tourist attractions of Singapore, the Gardens by the Bay must be on the itinerary of your school trip. The precinct is a part of the wider attempt to position Singapore as one of the greenest cities in the world, both aesthetically and environmentally. Stepping into this intriguing world of flower gardens, lawns, and the towering tree-like structures and start the exploration. The Gardens by the Bay also houses the two enormous greenhouses, Cloud Forest which replicates the tropical highlands and the Flower Dome which introduces the environmental conditions found in the drier, semi-arid places like Australia and South Africa. Beyond offering magnificent views, these two structures are the masterpieces of sustainable engineering. explore Garden by the Bay from Singapore school trip

Enjoyable Walk in the Botanic Gardens of Singapore

The Botanic Garden of Singapore is the first UNESCO Heritage Site of the country, which can stand with famous spots like Angkor Wat of Cambodia or the Great Wall of China. It is a beautiful park where you can enjoy a fresh and relaxing atmosphere. Beyond a favorite destination for walking, eating, drinking, and resting, this wide land is also known as the top center for plant research. The National Orchid Garden- the largest orchid garden on the world displaying varied orchids kinds of many colors will be the highlight of your Singapore school trip. Do not miss the other attractions in this area such as SBG Heritage Museum, CDL Green Gallery and the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden.

Bizarre Experience with Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is one of the highlights you will always see on tourist brochures in Singapore. Be amazed by more than 1000 statues interpreting ancient Chinese folklore in this weird theme park. It will be a memorable tour exploring the heritage and beliefs of the locals. Undoubtedly, you should have this fantastic place in your learning journey to Singapore.

Magnificent Bird’s Eye View from the Singapore Flyer

Go to the Singapore Flyer if you would like the panoramic view of the city. Located in the center Marina Bay, this structure among skyscrapers outstanding on the horizon line is Asia’s most massive observation wheel. Take in one of its 28 cabins and enjoy a 30-minute trip to admire the marvelous sceneries of Singapore’s iconic landmarks like Marina Bay, Raffles Place, Merlion Park, Empress Place, and the Padang. On the good day of clear weather, the tourists can even see parts of Indonesia and Malaysia. Magnificent Bird’s Eye View from the Singapore Flyer

Exciting Singapore Zoo Discovery

Singapore Zoo should be one of your top priorities in the field trip to the city. The zoo offers students an exciting experience stepping into the natural wildlife. Comprised of 11 parts with each introducing the special environmental condition on the world, it is home of more than 2800 creatures representing around 300 species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. Students can catch a sight of giant crocodiles, zebras, lions, rhinoceroses, and pygmy hippos and much more. Singapore Zoo Discovery from Singapore School trip