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Cambodia School Trips & Student Tours

Cambodia is considered as a hidden gem in Southeast Asia. Home to spectacular temples, beautiful islands and beaches, and rich cultural heritage, Cambodia will leave you in awe. From vibrant cities to idyllic villages, from the lush jungles to the beaches, this country is full of amazing sights just waiting to be explored. In particular, Cambodia is a mesmerizing destination for students to carry out the educational trips that can help them enhance cultural understandings as well as strengthen personal skills.
Educational School Trip with passionate educational staff operating successful school trips to Cambodia for a myriad of the overseas student cohort. Taking educational trips in Cambodia, students have incredible chances to understand about the devastating Khmer Rouge regime who turned the country into a graveyard of nearly two million people, discover the mythological temple of Angkor, explore the centre of the Khmer Kingdom for several centuries, enjoy educational games, participate in a traditional classic dance or folk dance, learn to cook delicious Cambodian dishes and a lot more. Cambodia is definitely an awe-inspiring site for your school trips.

Featured Cambodia Student Tours

Safety-first principle implemented in every aspect, especially in activity arrangements Cambodia community services would be arranged upon request Differentiated services and itineraries tailored for students’ ages and interests Creative activity ideas to be entertaining and targeting the learning goals On-site nurses and photographers are available on request Experienced backup team to manage the contingencies during the tour operations. Students in Cambodia school tour

Best Places to Visit in Cambodia School Trips

The Temples at the Angkor Archeological Park

Angkor Wat is the precious gem of Cambodia, as much as to be the center of the national flag. Undeniably, the school tour to Cambodia can not be complete without hitting the Angkor Archeological Park. This place is home to amazing structures and the ruins of an ancient culture, which could require you at least 3 days to explore all of them. If time doesn’t permit, you are recommended to visit the complex of Angkor Wat, Bayon Temple, and Ta Prohm. The very first structure can not miss is Angkor Wat, where holds the trace of the Buddhist and Hindu history, provides pieces of evidence of great sculptured walls illustrating various scenes of daily life, even heaven and hell. And some of them are the Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. The next spot is Bayon Temple, where possesses the Mahayana Buddhist King Jayavarman VII with the stone smiling faces. The king was one of the most forceful kings of the Khmer (Cambodian) empire of Angkor. The final destination is Ta Prohm or the “Tomb Raider Temple” because this place was featured in the famous “Tomb Raider” film, 2001. While other temples have journeyed a lot of changes through the years, Ta Prohm was still left entirely its appearance from the days of the Khmer empire. The complex of three structures is the key for you to get close to the culture of Cambodia. Discover the ruin of Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia School Trip

The Mondulkiri Project’s Elephant Sanctuary

In many spots all over the country, tourists usually watch elephant shows and performances without witnessing how those elephants are beaten, tortured, and tried to make them “domesticating” animals. While when you come to Mondulkiri Project, which is 5 hours traveling from Phnom Penh you will know that elephants here are being treated just like “friends” of us and protected as much as possible from any vulnerabilities. Moreover, heading to this place, you can trek or bathe and take care of elephants or seeing them roaming free in their sanctuary. Along with the exotic experience of interaction with adorable creatures, exploration of Mondulkiri’s unique natural habitats, the Project’s Elephant Sanctuary has beautiful treks, picture-like waterfalls, and diversified animal wildlife. The Mondulkiri Project’s Elephant Sanctuary in Cambodia

Explore the Beach in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville is known as the magnificent paradise located in the Gulf of Thailand. This is home to unspoiled islands and beaches with transparent water. Koh Rong, Koh Rong Samloem with the white stretching coastline and the mighty nature can be the top places for those who want to escape from the bustling urban life. There is a bunch of funny activities for you including swimming, trekking, surfing and sightseeing bioluminescence at nightfall. Especially, diving is all year round possible because Cambodia has a tropical climate. The beach is blessed with a variety of colorful corals and marine life by mother nature. However, if you are fans of enjoying simplicity, so you can take a journey to other nearby beaches such as Victory Beach, the beach of Otres, Independence Beach.

The Killing Fields

How about visiting one of the most thrilled and heartbreaking places nested in the city of Phnom Penh? That scene of thousands of skulls and bones here definitely impress you that you would never forget it. The mass graves of the bodies named The Chung Ek Killing Fields were used to serve for Pol Pot’s regime, the brutal regime caused 3 million Cambodians dead. Cheong Ek and S21 Museum serve the regime with two different roles: S21 was the place of confining and torturing the political prisoners and suspecting enemies of the regime; whereas Cheong Ek was used to killing these prisoners, they are men, women, children, and even babies. The Killing Fields might not an ideal place for tourists but it still is a must-visit place to know what happened to cause that worst mass killing. Just make sure that you have gathered all the encouragement before experiencing one of the most horrifying historical spots.

Culture Aspects to Explore for Cambodia School Tour

Attend the Apsara Dance Concert

If you have interests in the cultural life of Cambodia, do you want to learn about its best spirit property? It is the traditional Cambodian dance performance, which is one of the top entertainment activities to enjoy when you are in Cambodia. To Cambodians, Apsara is considered as the God of Prosperity and Apsara dance was created in order to pray for virtues of the gods, royalty. The Apsara dancers are believed as fairies coming to the palace to entertain kings with their performance. Over centuries, this dance has become the royal dance and a ritual of leading importance on occasions of holidays or festivals and weddings. You can recognize that the images of dancing female familiar, this is because those Apsara dancers were carved on a lot of temples and relics in Cambodia. The most worth visiting place for you is Siem Reap and it is said that nothing can compare to Khmer cuisine enjoyment while watching a traditional Khmer Apsara dance performance. Apsara Dance concert from Cambodia School tour

Enjoy Cambodian Cuisine

Khmer food bears its unique characteristics in the wide variety of Southeast Asia cuisine. The food of this country has numerous variants in other countries like Vietnam, Thai or Lao. However, the flavors have been changed and adjusted to the local people; therefore, traveling to Cambodia is a good chance to enjoy the original taste of Khmer cuisine. The essence of Cambodian style is, this authentic dish is also the contrasting philosophy of cuisine in Cambodia. The perfect combination of jaggery, coconut cream, Prohok sauce is wrapped up in banana leaves. Tasting Fish Amok means you enjoy the mingled flavors sweetness, fatty and sweet-smelling, which could enchant you with just one taste. Besides, there is abundant characteristic food that you should give a go to try, for example, crabs from Kep or deep-fried tarantulas. enjoy Cambodian food with Educational School Trip


Cambodia provides you with loads of activities when you travel with kids or students. And fancy kayaking should be included in your list because this activity is suitable and interesting for children. Plenty of places are recommended for you such as the Mekong, Tonle San River, Sihanoukville, the Ratanakiri Province, so on. Apart from kayaking, you and accompanies can take part in cycling or a jungle trekking; enjoy a paddle scenery in the area of the flooded forest. With some people who want to challenge themselves, the favorite ocean kayaking is the next option for you, although it is quite risky. Kayaking in Cambodia School Trip

Sculpture and Architecture

Unique Khmer carving styles are well known with the most amazing Buddha statues, where located the tremendous statues of four-faced the lord Buddha sculptured on fifty towers. Under the great hands of craftsmanship, uncountable Khmer sculptures were built to present the Hindu gods, namely Shiva, Brahmans; also Hindu mythical monsters as well as the epics of myths in the Hindu. Those astounding sculptures show the great imaginations and talented craftsmanship; it bears exceptional compelling testimony of local life. The astonishing fact about ancient Khmer architecture houses with the wall made of the straws or the bamboo while the roof covered with dry coconut palms as the thatched leaves. The status of people in the old society was the key thing to govern the architecture of their houses or palace in terms of sizes, layouts or dimensions. The accommodation of dignitaries are usually stronger than ordinary people; therefore, if you see any house without tiles on their house roof, you can learn that the households are the laymen. Explore culpture in Cambodia School Tour